Saturday, May 9, 2009

| It has been to long...

Everyone, I have been slacking on the blogging side of things.  I think its time for an update. Let me fill you all in on what has been going on recently.  

First, I found out what happened to my engine.  The rod bolt came loose causing the rod to come off the crank and completely screwed over my engine.

Now you all can image what happened to the internals of a motor after a rod comes off. Here are some pictures of the damage it caused.

This is the coolant crossover pipe.  Completely broken in half.

This is the damage done to one of the heads.  The valves on the right side are all mashed up.

Look closely at the bottom of the block.  You can see one massive hole. That was from the piston smashing into the block.

Here is the inside of the block.  Its all chewed up from the rod/piston coming off.

Now that we know what happened I need a whole new engine.  So I did a little searching on the NASIOC forums and found me a nice motor.  It was an 03 2.0L that had a engine knock.  Perfect for my hybrid setup (just needed the heads). So I set off and headed to PA to get me this engine. It was about a 3 hour road trip.

Some pics of the views on the way there.  

After getting the engine, we headed back to AndrewTech and dropped off the engine 
Awaiting the arrival of Andrew to unload the Engine.

The man himself helping unload the engine.

Ok, so now the engine has been disassembled and looks like we can use the heads from the 2.0 for the hybrid setup. 

As of last week, 5/6/2009, I have ordered an 05 STI block for the other half of the hybrid setup, some forged pistons and a gasket kit. Everything is in AndrewTech's hands and I will update as soon as I get more info from Andrew/machine shop.

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