Thursday, January 29, 2009

| The Plan and some Pics

Lets see, so far the plan is to:

  1. Take my Subie up to Andrewtech for engine removal/diagnostics.
  2. Have Lance at Brown's Mazda in Alexandria give her a nice paintjob.
  3. Bring her back to Andrewtech for a engine swap/upgrade
  4. Then who knows...
I know this is a small plan of action but it will defently take along time and lost of mula.
Leave me some comments on what you think of my plan and/or Donate some of your change to help me get this done faster :-]  (Links on the right called  "Donate")

I took some pictures today of my Subie as she sat in my driveway all covered with oil.  
Look closly and you can see the leftover Rockstar from putting out the fire.

Big oil mark from the oil spraying from the turbo?

Turbo was one of the fire points and still has oil/rockstar all over it

Good shot from underside the engine 

Nice view of my toasted engine

Looking right down at the belts and such.  Fire was coming up this side also

Thats all for now


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