Wednesday, January 28, 2009

| The Story

I think I will start this off with a small story of what happend on January 15, 2009. It was around 8:30 at night and about 15 degrees outside. I was traveling down 295 outside richmond to see a friend that evening, which I should add was about 100 miles from home (Alexandria VA). I had the music blasting and I was cruising along just enjoying my Subie, like I always do :-)

I then noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that the trees has a bright orange glow a top them and I couldnt figure out where that light was coming from... My car then begain to bog down and the RPM's stoped.. I WAS ON FIRE!!!! I slammed the brakes, turned the engine off, and pulled over to the shoulder. I then popped the hood and jumped out of the car. While flames were licking up from the hood scoop I managed to lift the hood and see where the fire was coming from. At this point my friend Bryce, grabbed his halfway finished rockstar energy drink and started dousing the fire... Before he knew it the Rockstar was out but the fire wasnt. So I then grabbed my unopened drink and finished putting out the fire.

So Im sitting on the side of 295 right outside richmond VA, freezing my ass off, watching my wrx smolder. The police arive and so does the firetruck. They examine under the hood and look for anymore possible sources of fire. After they give the clear and say its safe, I had them shine there lights under so I could see what was the cause of the fire. I had no idea what caused the fire but all i could see was my poor engine covered in oil, smoking.. :-/

With this said, I have started this blog so you all can see the steps I go through to get my Subie back on the road and in a much better condition.

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Thanks Kerri for the editing help.

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